Day 216: Mama Tried, 4/26/71

Now Mama Tried might be one of those songs that readers wouldn’t expect to show up more than once over the course of this project, but here is the second one. This version is about a year removed from the last one, and it’s totally different!

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Of course, the previous selection was an acoustic one, but I’m fascinated by how the song changed from one medium (acoustic) to another (electric).

The April 1971 run at the Fillmore East was a great one. I’ve thought this would make an excellent box set release, but with Skull & Roses and the Ladies & Gentlemen releases it seems that enough representative material from the run is already out there for consumption.

Today is also my Mom’s birthday so this seemed an appropriate selection!

A reference version of this Merle Haggard classic? Phil is up front and clear. His bouncing bassline helps drive the song and Garcia throws in a smattering of countrified licks. Jerry doubles Bobby during the chorus as well and provides the instrumental segues between sections of the song with accuracy and aplomb. Billy shuffles along on the tubs, while Jerry throws in a quick solo that would be at home pretty much anywhere below the Mason-Dixon line. Everything here is on point and Jerry and Bobby make sure everyone knows that mama did her best until the very end.

Complete Setlist 4/26/71

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