Day 287: Dire Wolf, 11/30/73

Grateful Dead Dick's Picks 14 album cover artwork

Surely I’m not the only Deadhead who has read the Song of Ice and Fire series and had the opening run of Dire Wolf run through their head the first time it was made known the House Stark’s sigil is the Dire Wolf?

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But before there was Game of Thrones there was Workingman’s Dead. So I give the Grateful Dead the upper hand in this situation. (Ok, I admit I may be a bit biased!)

It seems that Billy is playing a bit behind the beat and the typically upbeat Dire Wolf plods along in a patient lope. Perhaps too patient? This give Jerry and Bob more time to concentrate on the vocals and they general sound pretty good, if not perfectly in sync. Jerry solo maintains an appropriate degree of twang, even if it is a bit brief. Keith adds a cascading run at one point, but other than that this is a pretty standard, albeit slow, reading of this number.

Complete Setlist 11/30/73

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