Day 55: Cream Puff War, 3/18/67

30 Days of Dead 2010

In 2010 the folks over at introduced a new feature during the month of November. 30 Days Of Dead provided a new song from the archives every day for a month. People could guess the date and venue of each performance and win prizes. It’s continued annually through 2013 and I know that I’m looking forward to this year’s installment. It wasn’t until after I started this project that it dawned on me that this is kind of like a 30 Days on steroids. The main difference is that I track down streams online because I don’t have copyright permission to let people download. Oh well.

For those interested, the 2013 songs should still be available at The previous 4 years’ worth of material is available at and a direct link for today’s song is here.

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Cream Puff War starts off with a rolling guitar lick and is quickly augmented by a wave of fanned chords from Jerry. Pigpen is on organ here and provides some nice sustain.

The chorus on this song is always a bit odd, but in a good way. They move almost seamlessly between time signatures. A few measures of 3/4 and then back to 4/4. This dynamic change is a bit jarring, but it helps to distinguish the solo that follows. Jerry spits out a series of rapid fire blues licks.

Another verse paves the way for another Garcia solo. He’s got the treble turned up and you can tell he’s playing a guitar with single coil pick ups here – the tone just bites. What is typically a short song gets stretched out here. The blistering attack lets up a little bit as Jerry figures out where to go next. He quickly find a path and is off to the races again.

All of a sudden Jerry takes another stab at the wave of fanned chords that jumps out at the beginning of the song, and just like that this war is over.

Complete Setlist 3/18/67

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