Day 57: One More Saturday Night, 12/28/79

Grateful Dead Road Trips 3.1 album cover artwork

I was a bit critical in my post yesterday about Phil’s playing on Hey Pocky Way so consider this a make-up call, to borrow a sports reference. Actually, I think Phil’s playing here on One More Saturday Night is what his playing on songs like Shakedown or Pocky Way should be like. Of course, that’s easy for me to say, and just one man’s opinion, but there it is.

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Hopefully it’s not too cliche to opt for OMSN on a Saturday, but the band did enough themselves that I’m ok with it. When I sit back and think about it this is probably one of my favorite Weir tunes, but for some reason it’s not one that I think of too frequently. I’m always pleased when it comes on though. I played this in a Dead cover band when I lived in Chicago, too, and that may have something to do with my appreciation for the song; it’s a lot of fun to play!

This whole show is a barn burner and there are choice cuts throughout this release. Tales From The Golden Road even dedicated most of an entire program to this show at the end of December 2013.

Phil plays some nice chords for the intro here, the drummers hit their hi-hats at a furious pace, and Brent comes in with some nice organ just before Bobby starts singing. They’re letting this one breathe a lot. For the verse there is a lot of space. Sometimes it’s the notes you don’t play.

Of course, once they get to the “One more Saturday night” part there are fewer holes left empty, but there’s still a bit of breathing room. Enter the first solo and Phil is just on fire! He’s all over the place laying down sweet bass runs. He’s laying the type of funk here I’d like to hear him play on some other songs that actually call for funk.

Brent and Phil take a step back in the next verse and it’s mainly just Jerry and the drummers. Everyone gets back into the act and the song continues to build. Pay special attention to Phil he drops some big bombs! A big crescendo and a nice drawn out ending to end both the song and the show. What a romp!

Complete Setlist 12/28/79

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  1. Lunchbox,
    Didn’t know you were in a GD. Cover band, but knew you had some music background with you descriptions of timing, chord changes. You may have noted this in your profile, but naturally it didn’t register. Have to guess Steve S has the same background and I’ll guess also that he played with you.
    What did you play in the band. You’ve mentioned a couple of times being an average guitar player, so it must be keys or drums.
    As far as this song, usually an energized tune that got you out the door with a last smile or your face after being battered emotionally, sonically and physically. Bob being the pup in the band probably had the most left in the tank, so he brought the ship home. Might try to find this version today while workin, but it one of those songs where they pretty much sound alike in the same time periods.

  2. I’ll preface this by saying I really, really disliked this release. I thought the Dick’s Pick from the same run of shows was a million times better. Maybe I should re-visit it, but I’m kind of afraid. I thought Jerry sounded like he just could not be bothered, except for during TMNS and part of PITB, plus the final encore of OMSN. I apparently missed the fun parts in the bass playing, so that is reason enough to listen again. Here’s what I wrote at the time:

    Someone decides we have not been punished enough, so they trot out this, a second encore. There is a bit more rock to this than any of the previous offerings this evening, so I’m not going to continue complaining. Jerry’s solo almost catches fire. He’s still trying to cram too many notes in there, but parts of it work. Weir sounds way more believable now. As the song proceeds, there is still somewhat of a struggle going on but Garcia finally gets some good licks in. He’s being dragged along by this band that just will not let him fall down and play dead. This is a crazy example of how the leader can sometimes be forced to lead. You don’t often hear it get this extreme.

    And no, Lunchbox and I were never in a band together. We’ve never met. I do play some guitar, but none of my bandmates have ever been into the GD.

    • Joe – As Steve said we’ve never met. I primarily play bass (which explains why I zero in on Phil so much) and a bit of guitar as well, but I’m basically just a strum bum.

      Steve – I’m surprised you’re not a fan of this release, as this whole run seems to be very good. I certainly agree that DP5 was great, but there are a handful of songs from this show that jumped out at me on a recent listen. It seems like this is “the show” for a good number of people too (not that that really MEANS anything, but still….). Just another example of one man gathers what another man spills. That’s part of what makes this band so interesting.

      • Yeah, there was a guy on the boards the other day that loved everything I hate about the GD. He probably even loved Bobby’s short-shorts, though he didn’t say that. But he did say he thought Jerry dragged the band down, and while I agree that could happen sometimes, most of the action for me is in the guitar playing when it catches fire and pushes the band to a new peak.

        The variety of opinions is part of the fun for me. I’m always surprised when someone gets offended, even at posts that are not humbly stated. Who cares? These are obviously just one person’s opinion.

  3. Very funny about Bobby’s shorts, that should apply to Mickey as well although his weren’t as visible for obvious reasons. In retrospect, I guess I do actually like the short shorts. I recently asked my teenage son what the point of wearing shorts is if they go past the knees. Gotta be careful, though; I don’t want to sound like my dad questioning my long hair and bellbottoms way back when.

  4. I really loved this release. Did anybody hear a little bit of Watchtower during the Playin’? It was years before they actually played Watchtower but at first listen I thought there was just a little snippet in there.
    I wasn’t crazy about the Road Trips series and one of my biggest complaints was the ridiculous cardboard sleeves. My copy had a ton of skips in GSET which was high energy and really rockin up to that point. Rhino sent me another disc which played fine the first time but weeks later, when I played it again had skips in exactly the same spot. After that I bought protective sleeves to store the Road Trips CDs.

    • I never had much trouble with the packaging, although I know a lot of people did. My discs only ever get played once. I rip them to FLAC first thing when they arrive and then I put them in my archive. If I want/need a disc, I just burn a copy from the FLAC files. CDRs are so cheap these days I’m surprised more people don’t do that!

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