Day 264: Revolution, 3/15/90

The Beatles! The Grateful Dead! What more could one ask for? An actual Revolution? I guess that depends on the end goal. But I digress….

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As I write this I realize that yesterday’s pick was from a show on Bobby’s birthday and today’s pick is from a show on Phil’s birthday. Oddly, today is my Dad’s birthday. Weird how those things work out, eh?

Anyway, back to the Beatles. I know that the British band were an influence on the Dead, that’s why it’s a bit surprising, given all the various covers they played over the years, they didn’t play MORE Beatles tunes. I guess that just made the ones they did play that much more special.

The intro is a bit extended here, as you expect the vocals to come in right away, but they play a few extra measures to make sure they have their feet under them. Phil’s descending runs really punctuate the verses and he’s in fine form throughout (well it was his birthday!). For the most part the band sticks to the script. Jerry’s solo primarily focuses on the main melody, although both Brent and Phil continue the descending line motif throughout the song. Jerry seems a bit uncertain on the lyrics of the next verse, but the band powers through. The outro coda on this song seems to pair nicely with Touch of Grey. It’d be fun to hear the two songs put together. Overall, a fun way to end a show.

Complete Setlist 3/15/90

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