Day 285: Mind Left Body Jam, 6/26/74

Ok, I admit this pick might be cheating a bit, and I know I’ve said I want to try to preserve combinations and segues when possible, but this is a case of the earworm at work.

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You know when you get a song stuck in your head and you can’t get it out no matter how hard you try? Yeah, welcome to the past few days for me. I’ve already covered a more lengthy Mind Left Body Jam (link below) and my remaining options were slim. Plus I wanted something from Dick’s Picks, Vol. 12 so this just seemed pretty obvious.

What I really like about this short little jam is that it retains elements of China Cat Sunflower, suggests aspects of I Know You Rider, but is able to stay true to the Mind Left Body Jam chord progression and theme at the same time. It’s as though they’re playing three songs simultaneously, which is pretty cool.

So with these two Mind Left Body Jams we’ve covered both the long and the short of it. I think that’s fair. Enjoy!

A rose by any other name is still a rose, so the Mind Left Body jam is by any other name is still just that, right? This is a brief jam during the China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider transition. It has elements of both of those songs to it, as well as those four chromatic chords that make up this named jam. Billy and Jerry really seem to be in charge of this segue, and the drums sound phenomenal. At one point it sounds like there are 4 lead players with Billy, Jerry, Phil, and Keith all taking a stab at it simultaneously. Phil and Jerry both reach up into the upper register as they finally land in I Know You Rider.

Complete Setlist 6/26/74

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3 comments to “Day 285: Mind Left Body Jam, 6/26/74”
  1. Hmmm….
    This is not really what I think of when I think of the Mind Left Body Jam. I’m not a musician though, and Lunchbox, you mention the chord progression so maybe there’s something there that I’m missing.
    I listen to this release occasionally but apparently haven’t read the official song list on it in years because I’m kind of shocked to see this listed as Mud Love Buddy Jam. I wonder if Phil and Dick and whoever else was involved were having a bit of fun with us because the untitled “jam” on disc three has what I’d consider a more pronounced Mind Left Body Jam starting around the five minute mark. Just listened to that jam and what a blissful jam it is!

    So what’s up with the way they list the songs? This release has a Mud Love Buddy Jam that is not (IMO) the Mind Left Body Jam, but DiP19 has an official listing of Mind Left Body Jam and Dozin’ at the Knick has a real MLBJ but lists it as Mud Love Buddy Jam and then later we get a MLBJ at the end of the Dark Star on DP36 but it’s not listed at all.
    I’m probably making way too much of this but I’d be interested to hear other’s opinions on this.

    • It’s brief, but it’s there. Like I said this one was a bit of a cheat on my part. Mea culpa.

      I actually had Mud Love Buddy written originally, but then I swear I saw it listed elsewhere as Mind Left Body so I changed it. It’s pretty much the same thing regardless of how they label it though. I wonder if the reason for that is due to royalties? Changing the name could allow for the current iteration of band members to be labeled as “songwriters” and could affect royalty payouts. That would ensure that the Myland estate got a few bucks for the Dozin’ release. Of course this is pure speculation on my part, but it’s something to think about when a “jam” of some sort shows up on a release.

  2. The jam labeled “mind left the body” sounds a lot more like a “feelin’ groovy’ jam. The 2nd Jam is an MLB to
    My ear.

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