Day 232: Estimated Prophet, 10/14/83

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At this show there’s a break between Fire On The Mountain and Estimated Prophet, but that doesn’t make the Mega Suite any less awesome.

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Some songs have gotten more coverage here at DFAY than others and this is the third Estimated Prophet I’ve covered. However, its relationship to the Mega Suite makes it a somewhat unique one in my opinion.

Nevertheless, as the third song in the sequence Estimated has a somewhat unique role. It’s slower tempo and odd time signature offers a bit of relief from the build up that developed over the course of Scarlet/Fire. Therefore, the song provides an opportunity for the band to regroup, reorient, and recharge before stopping at Eyes Of The World on their way to the ether. There is ample opportunity for a different type of exploration in this sonic vessel and the band seems to grasp onto that idea and get cozy with it here.

Both Scarlet/Fire and Estimated/Eyes are great sequences alone and the transition jams between songs are always a highlight. String all four together and look out! But the transition from Estimated to Eyes is a highlight for me here.

Check in tomorrow for the final installment of the Dick’s Picks, Vol. 6 Mega Suite coverage.

Did someone put dishsoap on the slip ‘n slide or is that just Phil? That killer Estimated Prophet bassline slides all over the place here. Jerry’s vocals remain a bit haggard but the music is great so once again he gets a pass. Brent seems to understand the odd reggae-ness of the song well and it sparse and staccato with his keys interjections here. Jerry’s redemption comes with the instrumental section. Note that Bob throws in some great playing in the 4th minute here. There seems to be a bit more cohesiveness after that jam once the next verse starts, or is it just me? Almost as though Garcia needed to get something out of his system. Of course the next break things get even better. Jerry’s playing is almost serpentine as he explores the corners of 7/4 time, pausing to re-orient his perspective before setting forth again, trailblazing. Slowly the odd time signature deconstructs under the weight of the Dead and gives way to Eyes of the World.

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