Reader Poll: Best of Dead For A Year… So Far

Greetings loyal readers!

I’ve put together a reader poll consisting of the most visited selections over the past few months. I’m interested to find out which one readers like the best. Click on the links below to get re-acquainted with each song then have at it. Vote away.

If you don’t want any of these feel free to sift through our pages here and let me know in the comments which one you would prefer.

  1. Day 54: Dire Wolf, 6/27/69
  2. Day 212: Believe It Or Not, 3/22/90
  3. Day 45: Whiskey In The Jar, 2/16/93
  4. Day 136: Catfish John, 2/28/80
  5. Day 131: Visions Of Johanna, 3/16/95
  6. Day 225: Dark Star, 5/14/74
  7. Day 68: Eyes Of The World, 3/31/91
  8. Day 66: Dancing In The Street, 5/11/78
  9. Day 256: Alabama Getaway, 5/15/80
  10. Day 229: Playing In The Band, 11/15/72

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